I sometimes meet women who suffers from a lack of lust. Women who really wants it. Who craves it. Who asks: ”Where did it go?” Some even think that their yonis are dead, are closed, dry, in pain and not at all ready for pleasure.

Slowly something dawns on me.

Some years ago I opened my home to women, who wanted to tell their yonistories. It was like sitting at a big fire, listening to each others stories. There were women with sad stories, with happy stories, women with longings, women with tears, women with hopes, women without answers.

The yonistories were told from the mind perspective, from the ”me” perspective, me talking about what she has experienced. My interpretations. My ideas. My fears. My lust.

And then I tried something else. I went into meditation. I started to listen to her. To my yonis story. To my surprise her story was another than mine. She had partly other experiences than I was aware of. And she was both angry and happy. And she was so grateful when I listened to her. She felt seen. She felt recognized. And something happened with our relation. A relaxation. We became closer. We became friends. And now I have the ability to listen to her. To grasp her needs, her love, her longings.

And then I got one of these ahas.

I realize that there are many women who are angry at their yonis. They are angry because she doesn’t react as the woman wants. They are angry, when feeling the lack of lust in the yoni. Some of them are sort of blaming her. ”Why doesn’t she come?” ”Where is the flow?” ”Did you die on me, or what?”

And what I see is a need for an inner reconciliation, and inner peace to happen, an inner listening to take place. What would happen if we, as women, started to communicate, for real, with our yonis? What would happen if we hear her out? If we listen to her story? Her truth? Her reality?

Sometimes one talks about the relation between the inner child and the grown up person. I’ve done a lot of work to create sort of an inner team-work, where my inner child, nowadays trust me (at least most of the time).

What would happen if women made the same thing in relation to their yoni? If there was a listening, an interest – and compassion?