flowers and feathers

Imma Lopez


Jennifer Hole

Daniel said to close my eyes
I can’t remember what next, I was nervous
nervous to leave the predictable world
nervous that I’ll go somewhere that I can’t return from
and then he spoke in a calm voice
feeling myself sitting, feeling my legs, my feet
still my breath felt shallow,


What   Is the Story of Your Yoni?
What Is the Story of Your Yoni?

Charlotte Cronquist

Venkatapti Kamala

Jayashree Krishnan

Dialogue In Green

JT Bullitt

Dam It

Marijke van Veldhoven

A Country Called Cancer

Gail Boenning

Intercessor-Alchemist To-do List

Àjíké Kendrick Aşegún

Hold space for another
Stand in the gap on holy ground
Be a burning bush
Sift contrast to capture blessings
too small to be perceived
by the naked third eye
Use the heat of life
to concentrate miracles
Fresh tears to neutralize
that which cannot be
borne or managed


Good Morning Venice
Good Morning Venice

Scott Gilbertson


Grady James

Window into the past
Small, above me, pulling myself up, more knothole
in wooden fence, eye pressed hard against, straining
to see you, as you were
Back then

Standing alongside her, leaned in, radiating happy
Thru the palm sized grainy film you’ve left
She:mink stole, skirt, heels, one hand on purse
Arms around each other’s waist
Outside in an open lot Was the house built? To be?

Easier to pull and peer at that picture
than find the window into your heart
Obscured, foggy, secreted, off to the side
Would your friends have known, shared in
What you were holding inside at that moment

Was it the mink, newly constructed home, her, children, a future brimming?
That had you so full of smile and hug, that leaning
What could you, would you, like to say
In your fresh suit and dark black hair at 35 and counting
Just half way
To your end


Owls and Ibises

Steve Emery

Cape Buffalo and Ox Pecker
Cape Buffalo and Ox Pecker

Kathy Karn

June Listic

Beverly Delidow

  1. Sunday wandered like a story about walking
  2. I wandered for some of it
  3. My thoughts wandered for a lot of it
  4. My thoughts are butterflies
  5. They wander more than they light
  6. Never sitting long enough for me to catch the real shape
  7. Dinner walked all through the day
  8. Long slow cook
  9. Low oven, high expectations
  10. If the dogs are to be believed
  11. They’ve been sniffing the air all day
  12. A simple slaw will decorate the side
  13. Once tacos appear
  14. Which may still be a while
  15. The oven is a tortoise
  16. Hunger is a hare
  17. I eat rather much of the slaw while making it
  18. Is it unnatural to like cabbage this much?
  19. A vegetable so humble, durable, and versatile
  20. Surely a crown of cabbage would be an honor…
  21. Perhaps not a jubilee at platinum level
  22. But at least a solid butter and eggs
  23. And none in the kingdom can eat platinum


Stellar Sea Lion Debate

Anya Toomre

Conversations Make For A Great Playgrounf

Conversations Make For A Great Playground

Helena Roth


I Am Song

Amanda Judd