Wake up naiveté

It is time to wake up

la manada is waiting.

Wash your face

with the rocío

of the new day

Plant your bare soles,

ground your feminine sound

en las entrañas

and be calm, knowing

that your roots are growing

Keep the rage at bay

not too far away

you may need her pledge

Put the teared robes on

with fierce vitality

then listen, see, feel

Give yourself the initiated hand

and cross the river

she is waiting…

…to take it from where yesterday we left it.


Lay down slumberer,

it is time.

The stars are above. Watching

Close your eyes

to see 

the dark growing.

Listen to the ancient howls

how they touch your soul 

and be calm, knowing

that the lullaby repeats herself 

en tu nombre.


In silence

She is listening




Half aware,

half gone to the other world

where she is waiting…

…to take you where we left it yesterday.