Centaur Cliffs

Steve Emory

No longer

Beverly Delidow

You are no longer required to believe
That success only comes in a bag with
Designer labels and a five figure price tag
That anything worthwhile comes with a price
Tagged for how many hours it costs
How many nights were not spent at the
Dinnertable laughing at the kid with milk
Coming from his nose, the eyes sparkling
Across the table brighter than the brass
Buckles brass knuckling for space in the
Elevator to someplace you
To go


Ashta Dala Padma

Jayashree Krishnan

Wildflowers on Crystal Mountain
Wildflowers on Crystal Mountain

Anya Toomre

Cancer Detector
Cancer Detector

Gail Boenning

Butterfly of Denial

Marijke van Veldhoven

March 21

Jennifer Hole

  1. Today i walked in the mountains
  2. and thought about the Red Wolf
  3. How once there were only 20 left
  4. i could feel sad about this
    i do
  5. i also know that people
    the same thing i am
    did something
  6. and now there are more than 20
  7. i am thinking about this
  8. and about words
    my words
  9. and what is to be done
    what i am
    what i choose am choosing
    what i will choose
    what path will choose
    what path is happening
    where me is leading
    where listening becomes


The Howling

Imma Lopez

What does my deeper self desire?

Helena Roth

I Am Ready
I Am Ready

Amanda Judd

A Dialogue In Blue
A Dialogue In Blue

JT Bullitt

Alone on A Wide Wide Lake

James E. Turner

I’d never been waterskiing in my life, but I knew how to ski, and I felt like a million bucks: When Aaron asked, “who wants to give it a try?” I was the very first in line…
It had been the kind of morning you might think you’d never actually experience. Like being in a car commercial or a credit card ad.
The air smelled fresh, the lake was calm, a loon’s cry echoed in the distance. As the faint mist lifted off the lake – and my mind – to reveal the cloudless sky, I felt like I was on top of the world.
A group of us high school friends were out for a long weekend at Aaron and Gord’s family cottage up in Muskoka, Ontario’s beautiful cottage country.
I’d always heard of this ‘up to the cottage’ lifestyle growing up, but as a child of not particularly wealthy nor well-connected parents, I’d never actually experienced it. It was…


Why Do You Talk About "Her"?
Why Do You Talk About “Her”?

Charlotte Cronquist


Àjíké Kendrick Aşegún

We are finding our way treading lightly leaving no prints
except on the hearts and minds of those who give permission to be impacted
Who choose to be moved strengthened comforted and released
Sweeping up and gathering in like-minded others along the way
taking copious notes sharing wisdom and abundant resources that
feed the mind and tickle our creativity
We find ourselves touching tough armor and
tender underbelly at the same time
We build daily upon shifting sands and
foundations that travel with us
More curious than afraid we keep going
We are sum total greater than our parts pieces
moving on the boards of our choosing
Speaking in diverse tongues yet keenly understood and understanding
Continually defining ourselves even as we transform drip by drip


Perspective, one point of traveling
Perspective, one point of traveling

Scott Gilbertson