March 21

  1. Today i walked in the mountains
  2. and thought about the Red Wolf
  3. How once there were only 20 left
  4. i could feel sad about this
    i do
  5. i also know that people
    the same thing i am
    did something
  6. and now there are more than 20
  7. i am thinking about this
  8. and about words
    my words
  9. and what is to be done
    what i am
    what i choose am choosing
    what i will choose
    what path will choose
    what path is happening
    where me is leading
    where listening becomes me
  10. i saw lichen
  11. i wondered about moss
  12. i ate chocolate for breakfast
  13. i walked in a stream
    my socks got wet
  14. it is late now
  15. and i came here
    on this first day
    of a new season
  16. i am watching
    to see the blossoms
  17. to listen
  18. to feel
  19. to follow
  20. to find