June Listic

  1. Sunday wandered like a story about walking
  2. I wandered for some of it
  3. My thoughts wandered for a lot of it
  4. My thoughts are butterflies
  5. They wander more than they light
  6. Never sitting long enough for me to catch the real shape
  7. Dinner walked all through the day
  8. Long slow cook
  9. Low oven, high expectations
  10. If the dogs are to be believed
  11. They’ve been sniffing the air all day
  12. A simple slaw will decorate the side
  13. Once tacos appear
  14. Which may still be a while
  15. The oven is a tortoise
  16. Hunger is a hare
  17. I eat rather much of the slaw while making it
  18. Is it unnatural to like cabbage this much?
  19. A vegetable so humble, durable, and versatile
  20. Surely a crown of cabbage would be an honor…
  21. Perhaps not a jubilee at platinum level
  22. But at least a solid butter and eggs
  23. And none in the kingdom can eat platinum