I Am Ready

  1. The lightening is overhead cutting through the clouds that hang heavy, dropping rain faster than the thunder can rumble.
  2. Crack open, I beg, for I am ready to be released, to release myself.
  3. Everything is blowing now, the air cooler,
  4. More inviting.
  5. I breathe in.
  6. Something in me is shifting, has shifted.
  7. My feet are on the ground.
  8. It is torrent.
  9. It is mercy.
  10. It is pouring down.
  11. Everyone of us is thirsty.
  12. We have waited so long,
  13. Grown dry and drier still
  14. Until now.
  15. How I bore knowing nothing is promised
  16. Became prayer.
  17. Became acceptance.
  18. Became agency and willingness
  19. To act, to do nothing,
  20. To let go.