April Listic

  1. The sun rose, pulling a curtain with it and everything filled with light
  2. The dog woke up so happy she wiggled her way across the bed on her back to bounce down and go find her sister
  3. The feral seven-toed cat was waiting for me and his breakfast – he now waits for me most mornings
  4. A woodpecker is hopping down the deck rail, waiting for seed dispensation
  5. I got breakfast and coffee and had choices both ways
  6. The dog is still happy
  7. The tuxedo pixie panther who is my indoor-outdoor cat loves the sun on the deck.
  8. I bring him in after a good long stretch and loll
  9. Because I am the keeper of doors, the dogs decide to go out
  10. And then to come back in
  11. I still have coffee
  12. I sip my coffee from a mug that feels good in my hands.
  13. It is very large and decorated with ravens
  14. I text-chat with a friend about how to find the good news and filter out what doesn’t need to be seen right now
  15. I eat cereal from a blue bowl that is cool and rounded and keeps the milk cold
  16. My phone tells me I engaged with it less last week
  17. I am not sure if it thinks this is a good thing, but I do
  18. I write another 250 words in a story that I didn’t know was there
  19. A redbud hums in pink, a wispy cloud floats by, a bird sings
  20. Sunday morning blooms