What if there is time to create something beautiful?

Standing still and listening. Attentive to the movement of the wind. So many travelers have come this way, infinite paths well-worn, faint, imagined. Where are you going? Where are we going? There is no need to rush.

You’ve been here before. You’ve been here all along. And yet. What is singular in this moment? How do you and the world meet – have you learned to feel it?

re/turning 2022 is our community’s online gallery show for this year. 

Now in our second year we come back to a familiar place. Another orbit complete and we are changed, by our efforts, by the world, by one another.

In re/turning, we are clarifying and choosing, learning to see clearly what is needed. And releasing, not holding tight, letting go.

We’ve created three rooms, three ways in which we are returning. In the first room, re/moving, we invite our bodies, our means of acting and being acted on in the world; in the second room, re/viewing, we welcome curiosity in our minds; and in the third room, re/membering, we tend to the strength found in connection, the accumulated wisdom that can grow when we participate in community.

We are opening our arms and feeling.


The works are also viewable by genre. If you’re looking for a specific piece after visiting the gallery rooms, you’ll be able to find each piece either by genre or by looking through the list of contributors.